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Michael J Fox Foundation For Parkinsons Research
also known as MJFF, founded in 2000
Church Street Station
New York, NY 10008
  Tel:   212-509-0995
Fax:   212-509-2390


Federal Tax ID: 13-4141945
Independent Organization: Yes
IRS Classification: 501(c)(3) Public Charity
IRS Non-Profit Ruling: 2000

Financial Performance Scores

These scores represent the relative financial performance of this organization relative to all of the other organizations in our database of 15,000+ of the most established non-profit organizations in the United States. Performance Scores range from 1 to 99. A score of 50 means that the organization is at the middle of group for that criteria.

Management 49 Does the firm operate within its financial means?
Focus 56 How much of the budget is spent on program expenses?
Growth 58 Is the primary program growing and are donors giving more?
Scale 99 How large is this organization?
Financial Performance Score 62 of 99

Recent Financial Information

Income Statement
Revenues 20082007200620052004
Contributions 42,077,86737,700,45631,063,34929,307,29316,115,980
Government Grants
Program Services
Investments 661,997748,125370,91743,160(53,438)
Special Events
Other Revenue 25,68211758,51923,4242,696
Total Revenue 42,765,54638,448,69831,492,78529,373,87716,065,238

Expenses 20082007200620052004
Program Services 36,236,78526,270,24726,265,74418,808,31913,139,845
Administration 1,093,9961,017,356977,041672,784372,433
Other Expenses 3,947,4183,977,0702,520,1721,919,458
Total Expenses 41,461,58731,235,02131,219,85522,001,27515,431,736

Net Income 1,303,9597,213,677272,9307,372,602633,502

Balance Sheet
Assets 20082007200620052004
Cash & Cash Equivalents 2,133,96532,174,43317,379,05312,263,2227,211,075
Accounts Receivable
Pledges and Grants Receivable 26,762,42415,566,49717,688,82116,110,5905,982,055
Other Receivable
Investments: Securities 28,828,57110,56941,30149,680192,302
Investments: Other
Fixed Assets 388,611518,718532,518423,484152,468
Other Assets 196,01870,076184,57068,09262,546
Total Assets 58,309,58948,340,29335,826,26328,915,06813,600,446

Accounts Payable 1,066,594957,787926,693913,214437,162
Grants Payable 38,882,70631,331,04126,141,25719,686,48412,361,331
Deferred Revenue
Loans 1,013,285
Other Liabilities 367,192376,270296,864129,216
Total Liabilities 41,329,77732,665,09827,364,81420,728,91412,798,493

Equity Balance 16,979,81215,675,1958,461,4498,186,154801,953

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