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Protecting Endangered Creatures

The world is a complex ecosystem. Often changes in an environment can threaten the survival of native plant and animals. Endangered plants and animals are the organisms which are at risk of becoming extinct. The International Union for Conservation of Nature has calculated that nearly 40 percent of all organisms may be endangered to some degree.

Protecting endangered species can be accomplished by protecting natural environments or assisting species survival in special conservation areas. Legal protection from governments can often slow or reduce the effect that humans may have on a species’ native habitat. There are many non-profit and non-governmental organizations working to protect our most endangered species. Awareness and education are also important components to the success of protecting these organisms.

In the animal world endangered species include the Black Rhino, Giant Panda, African and Asian Elephants, Polar Bears, Tree Kangaroos, tigers, whale, dolphins and marine turtles.

Focus Organizations

When you select this goal as a benefit of your Charitable Fund, your distributions will be split among these organizations.

Organization City State Financial
Wildlife Conservation Society Bronx NY 63
National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Washington DC 66
Rare Arlington VA 60
World Wildlife Fund, Inc. Washington DC 59

Charitable Goals at Open Endowment represent a concrete outcome that we want to see become a reality. Our research team is constantly looking for the most effective and innovative organizations working on each goal. The organizations above are currently the "best in class" of the non-profits in our database. However, the focus organizations may change as we gather more research and information.

Major Group: Environment and Animals

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