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A Cure for Cancer

Cancer is class of diseases which feature uncontrolled growth of abnormal human cells. These cancerous cells may collect into a tumor or spread throughout the body. Cancer is a complex disease and the causes are various. The causes of some cancers are still unknown. The study of cancer is divided into research, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention.

Cancer affects people of all ages. Cancer is the fourth leading cause of death worldwide, accounting for approximately 13% of all deaths. In the United States, lung cancer and colon cancer are most prevalent. Prostate cancer and breast cancer are most common for men and women respectively.

Researchers believe that nearly all cancers are the result of environment and lifestyle factors. However, there are some cancers that are genetically inherited. Cancer prevention is largely accomplished by avoiding risk factors like smoking and obesity.

While it is unlikely that we can truly find a single “Cure for Cancer” we believe that funding research and prevention organizations will make the largest impact on reducing the human toll of this disease.

Focus Organizations

When you select this goal as a benefit of your Charitable Fund, your distributions will be split among these organizations.

Organization City State Financial
Foundation For the National Institutes of Health, Inc. Bethesda MD 71
Cancer Care Co-Payment Assistance Foundation Inc New York NY 73
American Association For Cancer Research Philadelphia PA 66
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center New York NY 66
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Inc. Boston MA 64
City of Hope National Medical Center Duarte CA 68
Florida Proton Therapy Institute Inc Gainesville FL 74
Nevada Cancer Institute Las Vegas NV 68

Charitable Goals at Open Endowment represent a concrete outcome that we want to see become a reality. Our research team is constantly looking for the most effective and innovative organizations working on each goal. The organizations above are currently the "best in class" of the non-profits in our database. However, the focus organizations may change as we gather more research and information.

Major Group: Health

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